surface water or you can say drinkable water or clean water or soft water,what ever you want to say.is going to be short.it is said that third world war would be on water.as glaciers are going to be melt due to global warming and rest of water has been polluting due to use of detergents etc.we waste water as well.each and every drop of water should not to be wasted but we don't care about usage of our life saving drink...

save water otherwise.....

news anchor in 2012: many people has committed suicide as they didn't have enough food to feed their children and didn't have any source of earning as well and can't afford water...

news anchor in 2025: many people died as supply of water has been stopped since last week due to shortage of water resources .many people committed suicide due to unavailability of water in their area.one thirsty man drank oil to fulfill his thirst.

a traveler to a shopkeeper in 2012: can i have a glass of water from your water cooler,i have a long journey ahead,and i am too thirsty to move ahead due to this shining and hot son.
shopkeeper: no problem dear,drink as much as you can.

same kind of traveler in 2050 asked for water from same kind of shopkeeper.
shopkeeper: no,never,no way. it will cost (rupees or dollars or any amount of currency which that traveler can't pay). you must pay that amount otherwise you are not allowed to even touch that water cooler.

news in 2012: super power country has now invaded an arabic country for oil resources.
news in 2025: (same country) has invaded another country for water resources.

it is a menace,a threat... be ready for it.this is what we can do,because saving water is a big issue for us,and we can't do it. right?


  1. Save water save life... :)
    My next post will be on the same topic... :)
    Stay Blessed

  2. :-) sure. nice to have you as a comment blogger here. :-)

  3. Well, by 2025 we'll be overwhelmed by pollution so much that we'll be fighting for clean air. But we should surely remember the pace at which technology is moving. Maybe by 2025 we'll find a way to purify water in a very efficient way. Many things can happen by 2025, & I'm sure we won't only look on the dark side of it, but also at the bright side that can happen or not happen. But again we're pretty unsure of losing water by then either. So lets pray & work towards the betterment when we can.

    1. i wish that it would be like what you said.... :-)

  4. Great post. A very creative way to make a much needed point! Just like you said, Daniyal, let's all pray and work towards a better world :)



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