Rida Fatima "THE PERFECT LIAR" exposed ;-)

Once I received a call from my very close friend from sargodha.(i live in sargodha too).he asked " where are you dear?" i said "in lahore on my cousin's wedding.he said "oh!" after exchange of many words he expressed his love for me and then suddenly ,at the climax of his emotions, whistle of a train be heard by us..... and you know what...... there is a railway track near my house in sargodha. hehehehe . (rida fatima exposed) ;-)

I just love to read novels,but these were not allowed me in exams.Once i was reading a novel from a famous digest,meanwhile i heard foot steps of someone.i put that digest on the chair on which i was sitting and then sit on the "digest cum chair". ;-) he was my elder cousin.he asked me that if i was reading a digest but i denied and then suddenly he screamed and said " cockroach" i just run towards "infinity" hehehe leaving that digest on chair and then..... (rida fatima exposed) ;-)

My elder sister is very sensitive about her cell phone.she doesn't allow anyone to touch her phone without her permission.once she was sleeping and i had to convey an urgent message to my friend.i took her phone which she put under her pillow and went to washroom and sent message to my friend.when i came back in our room she was awake and asked about her cell phone.I nodded my head.she said "oh! please rida! search under bed.as I bent down to search,her phone fell down which I had hidden under my armpit and then.... (rida fatima exposed) ;-)

to tell a lie is an easy task for the one who is "genius"  and now rida fatima is exposed again ;-)


  1. lol Rida Fatima exposed, I cnt imagine the awkwardnes of being exposed...

  2. just stumbled at your blog. Nice work!

    1. farhan! is it a compliment or?... ;-)

    2. lol... what else could i possibly mean? :)
      I was taking a blog tour(which i do during free time) and came across yours. I liked your post 1095 gifts to god so I joined. Perhaps you should read my post The Belief and share your insight.

    3. thanku thanku.... i know there is no word like "thanku" in dictionary... but its from dictionary of friends :-)

  3. Hi Rida,i recently visited your blog,its really good,like it.and thanks for joining my blog and for visiting.

    1. welcome dear! and thanks to you too for dropping by.

  4. I guess everybody gets exposed like this at times ;)
    Nice blog...
    Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog.. Your words means a lot to me :)
    Keep blogging and stay connected :)

  5. That's an awkward moment.. But it happens...

  6. Replies
    1. thanks... and thanks for dropping by....



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