Rida Fatima "THE PERFECT LIAR" exposed ;-)

Once I received a call from my very close friend from sargodha.(i live in sargodha too).he asked " where are you dear?" i said "in lahore on my cousin's wedding.he said "oh!" after exchange of many words he expressed his love for me and then suddenly ,at the climax of his emotions, whistle of a train be heard by us..... and you know what...... there is a railway track near my house in sargodha. hehehehe . (rida fatima exposed) ;-)

I just love to read novels,but these were not allowed me in exams.Once i was reading a novel from a famous digest,meanwhile i heard foot steps of someone.i put that digest on the chair on which i was sitting and then sit on the "digest cum chair". ;-) he was my elder cousin.he asked me that if i was reading a digest but i denied and then suddenly he screamed and said " cockroach" i just run towards "infinity" hehehe leaving that digest on chair and then..... (rida fatima exposed) ;-)

My elder sister is very sensitive about her cell phone.she doesn't allow anyone to touch her phone without her permission.once she was sleeping and i had to convey an urgent message to my friend.i took her phone which she put under her pillow and went to washroom and sent message to my friend.when i came back in our room she was awake and asked about her cell phone.I nodded my head.she said "oh! please rida! search under bed.as I bent down to search,her phone fell down which I had hidden under my armpit and then.... (rida fatima exposed) ;-)

to tell a lie is an easy task for the one who is "genius"  and now rida fatima is exposed again ;-)


Sitting in front of t.v,wet eyes,shivering legs,stuck lips…..

news anchor:  early morning,5 years old girl found dead in a
private park after sexually assaulted…..

now what to do??

just my tears can’t help that girl,they can’t take her back,they
can’t cure her soul….
I am alive,but helpless.i don’t have words to express my feelings
for that little soul and then for that………..
i just want him dead.
i just want him to be hanged.
you know why?????

because i am a girl too.if my sister is nude that means i am nude,
if she is sexually assaulted means i am sexually assaulted….
and each and every girl of this universe is too….

so we THE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED GIRLS are going to enjoy
our misfortune.

you THE RASCALS! just go on playing with us

and our dear DEAD BROTHERS! you don’t need to
come out of your graves.right?



once there was a farmer.he loved his only younger brother very 
much.his brother was very pious and noble and was very dear to 
other people too.
but unfortunately his brother died with some disease.after his   
death the farmer became so alone.he brought a beautiful horse 
from market to kill the time.he took great care of that white horse.
most of his time started to pass in company of the horse.it became 
so dear to the farmer that he named that horse "shabbir shah" 
on the name of his late brother.

but one unlucky day his horse died too with some disease.he 
wanted his beloved horse to be buried with the same grace 
as his younger brother was.he buried his horse after a proper
funeral in the same graveyard where the grave of his brother 
was and placed a stone on its grave with the name written on 
it was "shabbir shah".

after some time on the same grave of same horse there was a 
splendid shrine of the saint "shabbir shah" having hundreds and 
thousands of devotees,without knowing whether that grave was
of any human or not....


we are those simpletons who don't see behind the picture.
don't bother to search for the reality and living lame lives.
we don't do effort to seek the truth.

My 1095 Gifts Per Year From GOD

No one can see what I pray to ALLAH. No one can anticipate the words of my prayers to HIM, to GOD. The words that slipped through my lips that departed from my hands that flowed towards sky. This is the way of our communication, me and my ALLAH. And that communication can't be disclosed before anyone.

how soothing this feeling is! That there is someone to WHOM I can share each and every thing, WHO listens everything, what I said, but don't disclose my secrets....

HE even assured me that my all prayers would be fulfilled at any cost, either in this world or the world hereafter. So I am not doubtful about HIS response to my prayers. If HE responds timely, it’s the best thing for me, if HE doesn’t count that one as a gift for me from HIM for my next life.

i love HIM a lot. As HE blessed me not only when I didn't have collection of a single word in my mind to ask for anything from HIM, but also responds, to my necessities of life ,other than required for my survival ,at any time I ask for, to my prayers.

If in a day I pray to HIM 5 times and  HE responds to 2 prayers of mine then on average there are 1095 gifts due to my these worldly prayers per year for me for my next world. Can you imagine how many then I’ll gather in my whole life??????

I would love that gift which would be given by ALLAH. It would be the best gift.

I love to share my top secrets to HIM who is THE MOST TRUST WORTHY, and I always enjoy the feelings that come to me after every prayer... calmness and contentment...



surface water or you can say drinkable water or clean water or soft water,what ever you want to say.is going to be short.it is said that third world war would be on water.as glaciers are going to be melt due to global warming and rest of water has been polluting due to use of detergents etc.we waste water as well.each and every drop of water should not to be wasted but we don't care about usage of our life saving drink...

save water otherwise.....

news anchor in 2012: many people has committed suicide as they didn't have enough food to feed their children and didn't have any source of earning as well and can't afford water...

news anchor in 2025: many people died as supply of water has been stopped since last week due to shortage of water resources .many people committed suicide due to unavailability of water in their area.one thirsty man drank oil to fulfill his thirst.

a traveler to a shopkeeper in 2012: can i have a glass of water from your water cooler,i have a long journey ahead,and i am too thirsty to move ahead due to this shining and hot son.
shopkeeper: no problem dear,drink as much as you can.

same kind of traveler in 2050 asked for water from same kind of shopkeeper.
shopkeeper: no,never,no way. it will cost (rupees or dollars or any amount of currency which that traveler can't pay). you must pay that amount otherwise you are not allowed to even touch that water cooler.

news in 2012: super power country has now invaded an arabic country for oil resources.
news in 2025: (same country) has invaded another country for water resources.

it is a menace,a threat... be ready for it.this is what we can do,because saving water is a big issue for us,and we can't do it. right?


Pray for me.... Its the best gift I ever received....

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