are we really superior to animals????

we,the human beings,are superior to all other creatures. why? 

1) we have brain to use,to decide,to create,to produce,to learn but where we use our brain?

in corruption,in terrorism,in war,in conspiracies,in hatred....

2) we have far more senses than animals.sense of  touch,of  hearing,of sight,of  taste,of smelling,of speaking

etc..... there is a long list.but what we did with these senses.

we have illegal relations with others,we listen false and illegal stuff,we watch porn videos,we eat forbidden stuff,

we like to smell narcotics,we use abusive language....

3)we can learn and make others learn,but do we really learn???

we never learn from our mistakes.

there are a lot more about our superiority but do we really are superior or do we really are 


if we follow GOD as we follow blogs,we get our desired comments,desired goals and desired awards... but unfortunately we are slaves of our body not our souls....


Pray for me.... Its the best gift I ever received....

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  • i like everything that has some life.i like classic movies mostly,and classic dramas.


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