are we really superior to animals????

we,the human beings,are superior to all other creatures. why? 

1) we have brain to use,to decide,to create,to produce,to learn but where we use our brain?

in corruption,in terrorism,in war,in conspiracies,in hatred....

2) we have far more senses than animals.sense of  touch,of  hearing,of sight,of  taste,of smelling,of speaking

etc..... there is a long list.but what we did with these senses.

we have illegal relations with others,we listen false and illegal stuff,we watch porn videos,we eat forbidden stuff,

we like to smell narcotics,we use abusive language....

3)we can learn and make others learn,but do we really learn???

we never learn from our mistakes.

there are a lot more about our superiority but do we really are superior or do we really are 


  1. God made us superior to animals in a sense that he gave us the power of free will. But he also gave us the knowledge to bring forward peace & justice. We're not really following any of it.

    We are superior to them in knowledge but not in life. Yet we take the life of our own race.

    But judging people by the word of "Most" won't really do justice to it. Most people in this world are not as bad as you described them as. Many of them really use their superiority in a good way.

    Great article. ^^

  2. yup,there are the good ones too,but most of us are..... just as i described.

  3. Great thoughts. It's so true that people often act no different than animals because, being human, we do have that animal instinct. The difference is that we have a divine soul, too; G-d's presence within. We have free will, and choosing between our animal desires and divine knowing provides us our challenges. The challenge of choosing between our greed and earthly desires, and the knowing of our higher/divine self. I do agree with Daniyal Arain, many people choose well and do great things and/or learn from their mistakes and do better the next time. It's so important for us all to encourage each other in the right direction, just like you do in your blog. That's why I really enjoy it, so keep writing!

  4. thanks for dropping by dear! and i got your point well :-)



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