My 1095 Gifts Per Year From GOD

No one can see what I pray to ALLAH. No one can anticipate the words of my prayers to HIM, to GOD. The words that slipped through my lips that departed from my hands that flowed towards sky. This is the way of our communication, me and my ALLAH. And that communication can't be disclosed before anyone.

how soothing this feeling is! That there is someone to WHOM I can share each and every thing, WHO listens everything, what I said, but don't disclose my secrets....

HE even assured me that my all prayers would be fulfilled at any cost, either in this world or the world hereafter. So I am not doubtful about HIS response to my prayers. If HE responds timely, it’s the best thing for me, if HE doesn’t count that one as a gift for me from HIM for my next life.

i love HIM a lot. As HE blessed me not only when I didn't have collection of a single word in my mind to ask for anything from HIM, but also responds, to my necessities of life ,other than required for my survival ,at any time I ask for, to my prayers.

If in a day I pray to HIM 5 times and  HE responds to 2 prayers of mine then on average there are 1095 gifts due to my these worldly prayers per year for me for my next world. Can you imagine how many then I’ll gather in my whole life??????

I would love that gift which would be given by ALLAH. It would be the best gift.

I love to share my top secrets to HIM who is THE MOST TRUST WORTHY, and I always enjoy the feelings that come to me after every prayer... calmness and contentment...



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Pray for me.... Its the best gift I ever received....

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