suggest me the title of post... i couldn't decide...

The terminology and language ,of this post, is of physics. Might or might not be ,you would understand but i wish you could.

It would be acceptable when i would say that this world is comprised of frames of references,observers and happening of events,where all the time events are happening in some frame of reference(like earth is one frame of reference) and some observers are observing those events(like on mars someone is observing me). Now GUESS who is the most reliable and trust worthy observer in this world to whom one can trust without any doubt? YES, of course ALLAH ALMIGHTY....

HE made frames of references,created observers and placed these observers according to their qualities and personalities in those frames... FOR EXAMPLE a lizard is,you can say,in two dimensional frame,can't see upwards. We are in three dimensional frame as we can see rightward,leftward,upward.... 

Now imagine HE WHO can see each and every bit of this universe from microscopic world to macroscopic world. HE WHO can hear,watch and sense everything,HE WHO is the GREATEST,what is his dimension? In which dimension is HE living?.... 
Its beyond the imagination...... 

(related to theory of relativity)

Einstein! hats off to you.... although you were not a muslim but..... i wish you were.


  1. I'm gonna be honest here, you said that the terminology gonna be of Physics but seriously when I read it, it reminds me Programming at each and every word. :p

    Frames, references, observers. hahaha. For a moment I thought like you were talking about game building resources.

    And I didn't think that third dimension is left, right, up. I thought it was x, y, z dimensions. may be I just don't know about right,left and up ones., but that what you call in a Programming language.

    & I can't imagine the answer to the "In which dimension he is living", I find these type of questions quite unnecessary and self-explanatory(not that I'm blaming you or anything)

    Because for Allah The Almighty, there's no Time, There no dimension, he created those things, he doesn't have to live in them. He is the creator of everything, he doesn't need anything. For him there's no time(of course time's a dimension).
    I'm not improvising or anything, just speaking my mind out. :D

  2. :-) i like that daniyal! ;-) i didn't use x,y,z because its quite difficult to understand for those who are not programmers or physicists like us. right? :-) and upward,rightward,leftward shows three frames perpendicular to each other means three dimensions. right? and i just tried to show the greatness of ALLAH PAK that if he can see in each and every dimension how great HE is... might be i didn't succeed... :-) thanks for your comment. it means a lot to me. i hope to see you again on my blog... :-)

  3. very wise and well-said. oh and thanks for the visit. hope to make a good companionship through this things :)

    1. thanks sir! we 'll INSHALLAH.... :-)



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