we always decide what we think better for US, what we think right for US but we don't 

decide what is right   ON THE WHOLE.... we are always right for us but wrong before 

others........ isn't it?


  1. hhhmmmm.....Human tendency....:)

    1. so we must be less human and more angel like in this aspect.... :-)

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  3. Allah SWT has given us power of judging between right and wrong.
    Common sense coupled with sincerity of purpose does help us enjoy all the blessings.
    Allah loves those who sacrifice for the needy.
    So better for us is practising what is right and rejecting what is wrong and avoiding selfishness as much as is possible.
    But remember charity statrts from our own home so there is need to maintain a true balance.

  4. That's so right. People only take themselves into consideration when making decisions.

  5. i think right and wrongs are relative and there are many ocassions when one thing is right for somebody but wrong for others :)



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